This Project is based on health,wich means much more for us than just human body health; it implies a wider concept of learning to be and to live in harmony with others: with our equals, our elders and with the diverse society we live in nowadays. This society  is currently undergoing changes that directly affect way to establish interpersonal relations. This is why working with aspects such as interculturality, diversity and different roles that men and women have in the society is necessary to adjust our way of facing this ever-changing reality. On the other hand, our planet’s health is also affected by people’s every-day performances, but this behaviour is harmful for ourselves, being a consequence of our own actions with the environment and nature. These and many other reasons have made us consider a form that would include our work in these three fields:

  • PERSONAL HEALTH: it includes nutrition, balanced diet, personal hygiene, hygiene at school,  physical exercise,  responsible use of things, emotional control, and etc.
  • CIVIL HEALTH: it includes co-education, peace and non-violence, intercultural education, rules and habits, bringing Europe and the European community closer to the children and introducing the European dimension in education, and etc.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: it includes recycling care and protection of the environment, ecology and consumption, leisure etc.

We want to work each year in these three fields, from September to December personal health, from December to May civil health and from May to June environmental health: choosing each time a specific aspect of the three main areas.



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