All along this month we start preparing our Christmas activities!

From Spain a special Christmas card for everybody!!!! It is a card from all the staf, Merry

Christmas and happy New Year!!!

From Spain… Christmas time in Spain

But this is only a sort video… we are making a special web site where you could find recipes, surprises and more

And we are working with eldery people’s center… we are making Christmas Cards with them…we work every year in a intergeneration project because our main objective is to give more importance to the elder people in a society where the last things, the modernity, are considered tobe the best , but our elder people are our historic memory, our past and they are our wise men and women.

Another Christmas card for London School , we are working in the school and with the Elder people Center. it is a very nice and funy experience.

Another group working with elder people… today the Christmas card to Turkey

Christmas cards from Spain… In English classrooms all the pupils worked a lot and they made a lot of cards to exchange with ours partners, we have a lot of them…. We will send them on Friday

The last card with elder people to Poland…. Merry Christmas

The same Christmas Carol JINGLE BELLS to everybody

FROM SPAIN, a special web site about Christmas time in spain, here you can find recipes, carols and more and more

A good friend from our coordinator have done a special book with recipes to make with Children… nice and funy recipes to make in Christmas time. Thanks Cristina. She wote in english all the recipes…. she is english teacher.

Christmas at school

Jingle bells... christmas Carol to share among all the partners.

JINGLE BELLS VERSIONE ITALIANA here you can get the lyric

About Christmas time in Italy, customs and traditions… and a specail tradition from Baveno:

Cards from Italy:

Art and craft in Christmas time, from Feriolo kindergarden

here from Altrafiume  how to make a lamp… light in Christmas time.

From Feriolo a special book,  a bookk about Christmas time in the school and in Italy too… Merry Christmas!!!!

Here are some links of Christmas Traditions in the UK.
Most of what it says there we will be doing at our school/homes in the next 4 weeks.

and a Video:

Here’s Year 3 singing the English version of Jingle Bells. Partners in the other schools have done the same in their own languages! You can check out our blog if you want to learn it in Spanish, Italian, Polish or Turkish.

If you want  listen more visit the  St. Faith’s blog

making Christmas cards in London…. great work!

 Christmas time in Turkey…. the new year!!!!

How they made the new year’s cards. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM TURKEY!


The second versión more informal….

A recipe from Turkey


Christmas time in Poland

 A recipe from Poland t share in Christmas or in every time….

A christmas recipe.poland



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