POETUR: European fair in C.P.Poeta Juan Ochoa

We went to visit a special exposition.

Leonardo Da Vinci and his machines, fantastic!!!

We prepared a special work about Madame Curie, from Poland a very intelligent woman:

We made Pizza from Italy…

And Scones from England

Played different plays from each country:

We prepared a big exposition with different works made by pupils.

We learned about characters from each country:


Marco Polo, Marie Curie, Copernico, Verdi, Ataturk….

In the English classes they concentrated on learning about the UK  flags, characters, monuments…

And we celebrate a big party with parents… dancing like in our european partner countries:

COMENIUS IS GREAT!!!!!!!   Teachers sending a big huge to our partners!!!!!

And the children learnt to do away with stereotypes!!

Activities done in Italy about “Europe is my Home”


Dancing like in asturias

A recipe from Poland made in Italy

Activities done about Poland, Turkey and England ( dance, song and culture)

From Feriolo activities done about Europe, a recipe from UK and a song about Spain

outdoor game from Feriolo


Out door games from partner countries

A game from Poland in Turkey


A Spanish game played in Turquey

A English game played in Turkey

A Italian game played in Turkey:

An Italy Recipe made in Turkey:

Dancing like in italy but in Turkey

Learning about Italy in Turkey

Poland folk dance  in Turkey

A recipe from Poland

A recipe from Spain, MARZIPAN

A recipe from England

UK in Turkey

Spain in Turkey:

Activities done in Poland about european partners

Activities done in UK:

Year 1 and 5 danced La Tarantella from Italy:

First they did some practice of Italian dances and games.

And their performance!

Year 3 did a Turkish dance!

In the following pictures we can see:

Year2 and 6 made an apple pie!!!

Year 3 and nursery did Carrot balls!

Year 3 made ankle bracelets

Year 1 made Italian bread!

Here are the pictures of all the process:

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

And finally they did a parents day to celebrate and share everything!

But if you still want to see more, Why don’t you have a yummy break?



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