We are close to the end of the first year of this project: midway of the whole process and it’s time we did a stop to think about how things are running so far. And that’s exactly what we did in London!

Before the meeting every school was sent an evaluation form so every coordinator would pass it to his/her team. In London we talked about the conclusions taken from those evaluations and here are the results:


We communicate with our Commenius working team at least once a month (some countries have meetings once a week)

The five schools communicate with each other fluently through email and send the works to a common DROPBOX. We communicate once a month but before, during and after a product or a meeting we communicate much more often, even daily.

We all agreed to open vias of communications between students, that’s a resolution for next academic year.


Everu country agrees that both students and teachers are involved and enthusiastic about the project. Due to the big size of some of the schools and the facilities some of the activities are not done by every student, but they are distributed in levels or groups.

Families are not as involved as we’d like to.


They were marked from 1 to 4 points (being 1 negative and 4 possitive) and every school marked all the objectives with either 3 or 4. This means that we all have fully accomplished all the objectives fot the year.


blogs : done

Comenius corner: done

website link: done

Introduction of schools and areas: done

Meeting in Baveno: done

Christmas activities: done

healthy breakfast: done

send information and survey about breakfast to families: done

familiy brochure about breakfast: done

Outdoor games: done

a fantastic trip around europe: done

talking about stereotypes: done

environmental issues: on the making (deadline: end of June)

great green areas: on the making

ebook about natural landscapes: on the making

Meeting in UK: done


Every country is satisfied with the role of the coordinators of each county and with the coordinator of the project.


Open a paypal or epal via of communication between students

Do a summary of the year paper or magazine

Elaborate postcards with pictures of natural local areas to exchange



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