From Spain A guide for parents. The last week in Spain al tehe pupils came back at home with this guide, we are working about healthy breakfast. From 10th to 28th of October in the classroms we are working about healthy food.

Along this time we are writing in this document what kind of food the pupils bring to the school to eat at break time.

In the classrooms the pupils willl be working with this activitie book :

Our Check list register about healthy snaks:

Our little kids have tasted several fruits, autumn fruits. They made oranje juice and they drunk it… they were very happy tasting fruits and nuts.


Activities done about healthy food , Italy have done a speciel activity about the apples, it is an e-book:

From Italy ..something about MILK

Itlay is participating in a project called FRUTTA NELLE SCUOLE, here you can find more information




And here you can wacht the video about this project whose suplement our project

 a new activity done in Italy: a healthy beakfast in the school… the parents working in our project, the same objetive…. a healthy life….

The family Brouchure about helthy breakfast made in Italy:

From Poland a family Brouchure about healthy breakfast:

And in this link you can get the brouchure to print:

In our school in Poland , they have prpared a healthy breakfast with pupils, it was a nice activity, and the pupils were delighted with the idea…

From Turkye they sent at the families a special recomendations about helthy brakfasat and food… here you get it

They also had breakfast with the whole school(we did t with 10 classes 5th and 6th classes mostly) last week.

They were working with parents, pupils…. about healthy breakfast ant this is the family brouchere

Healthy Packed Lunch UK

And finally a commun guide for parents, done with all the ideas:123health


Un comentario el “11- FIRST TERM: PERSONAL HEALTH 2011

  1. Hello Everybody!!!! we have uploaded all the presentations and new products in our common blog, it is fantastic!!!! I can imagine everyone working in your school and thinking in our new friends… This is Comenius!!!!!


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